By Bryan Thomas

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So, you want to get tattooed by me? Awesome!  Here's how we can get the job done...

I only tattoo large scale blackwork, patterns and geometric designs. This means, I don't do portraits, skulls, lettering, birds, dragons, etc!

As much as I would love to take on every project that comes my way, some things are just best done by other artists. If I'm not the right person for your tattoo, I will happily refer you to the right person. My end goal is always for you to get the best tattoo you can get...even if it's not from me! 

Most people that come to me, like the style of work that I do, and just want to fill an area on their body (like a half sleeve, full sleeve, etc). This tends to work best, as I can design something special for you, that fits your body. You can always provide reference pictures for things you like, but I never copy someone else's tattoo.

For large scale work, the biggest thing I need from you, is trust. Once I know the area you'd like to tattoo, I will work up some concepts. This will generally include a couple small drawings/thumbnails, but you won't see a complete drawing of your tattoo. Why? Because I like your tattoo to be a moldable as I need it. Sometimes things don't flow on the body, as they did in the concept drawing, and I have to be able to adjust for that. This helps keep the creative process fun for me, and helps to make your tattoo the best that it can be. 

Large tattoos will take several sessions to complete, and because I work in layers, there will be parts that exist before others. One thing that messes up the creative process for me, is trying to change things we've already started. In order for you to get the best tattoo possible, please let me do what I do, and I'll make you an amazing tattoo!

I offer handpoke tattooing for smaller designs on certain areas of the body. For larger work, I prefer to use a tattoo machine. Both tools/styles have their application and I will make the choice based off of which will be best for your tattoo.

For tattoo pricing and scheduling, please stop by Born This Way Body Arts for a free consultation with me. After the consultation, you will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment, which will require a small deposit. I generally book out a few weeks in advance. 

If you are not local to Knoxville, consultations can be done via email as well. Just fill out the form on the contact page!